Horizon Client Installation failed in Ubuntu 18.04(aarch64), any one helps?

Hi, experts,

I have issues in installing Horizon Client in Ubuntu 18.04(aarch64). Is there any one who could help please?

System Information:

OS: Ubuntu 18.05.5 LTS

Arch: Kernel 4.9.140-tegra, aarch64


Issue 1: I used latest bundle file 'VMware-Horizon-Client-2012-8.1.0-17349998.x64.bundle' released at 2021-01-07 as installation file. the installation is successful, everything looks good. However I can not open Horizon Client app, when I tried to open it, the icons flash for several times and disappeard without any error message or tips.

I suppose I might used the wrong installation file. The "VMware-Horizon-Client-2012-8.1.0-17349998.x64.bundle" files is not applicable for aarch64 Linux, is it?


Issue 2: I tried to use the armhf installation files in  VMware-Horizon-Client-Linux-2012-8.1.0-17349998.tar.gz tarball file. I copied the bin/lib/share files to the right place, and there is a ‘vmware-view-lib-scan’ file to check installation status. It shows "VMware Horizon PCoIP: Failed. /usr/bin/vmware-remotemks-container: No such file."  Please check screenshot2 for details.

So how could I fix this issue?

or is Horizon Clients applicable on  arrch64 Linux?


Thanks a lot!


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About issue 1, yes is the wrong instalation file.

About issue 2. I installed on a raspberry pi 3 and 4 (armhf) and with vmware-view-lib-scan get the same result altought vmware runs with PCoIP.

Try to run vmware-view from the terminal, just typing vmware-view command.



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