How to troubleshoot Location Based Printing

How to troubleshoot Location Based Printing

I'll update this document as people ask more questions about it but this is the beginning of how you troubleshoot LBP and ThinPrint issues.


Open a command prompt and go to this directory: C:\Program Files\VMWare\VMWare Tools\

From within that directory run these commands:

tpautoconnect.exe –d all

  • This will delete all printers created by ThinPrint

tpautoconnect.exe –v –i vmware –a COM1 –F 30

  • This command is the same command that is run by the TP process, the only difference is that instead of running the process with the quiet flag (-q) we want to run it in verbose mode (-v).  This will help us see if there are any errors.

Common Errors

“Can’t get Client Name” – This error most likely means that the Group Policy is not taking affect.

“No suitable client protocol found.” – This error can be ignored, following this error you should see your printers map.

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