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vmware horizon farm with pool of rdsh servers. one has a problem - everyone gets stuck !

In our setup we have a horizon admin server, one farm, and 5 windows 2012 r2 terminal servers as machines in the farm.

100 "teradici" zero clients in three computer class rooms access this setup, using PCOIP.
Usually this works fine.

Today students could not log in. Almost all of the students got a message on the zero station:

"unable to set up the desktop session for the display protocol"

Checking the event logs of the RDSH servers we did not find any remarkable errors.

At a total loss, I started to disable the machines in the Farm on the Horizon Admin host, and try log in. And yes, when disabling a specific host for new sessions, students could log in without problem.

Here are two totally different problems:

1. "unable to set up the desktop session for the display protocol". Some people report that by uninstalling/reinstalling vmware tools and horizon agent on the host they got this working again.

This is a kind of VooDoo tech solution, but it seems to work.

2. MUCH MORE SERIOUS: In our situation 4 servers are fine, but one is sick but not dead. After four students connect to the working servers, number five tries to connect to the sick server. He gets an error message, and can not proceed. The same happens for ALL STUDENTS, because the sick server did not get working sessions yet.

So, instead of working with 80 % capacity (4 working servers and one dead server) we get almost zero capacity (after 4 sessions, all other sessions fail)

Any ideas are welcome !

David de Leeuw

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Beer Sheva, Israel

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Hi, what was the solution to unable to set up the desktop session for the display protocol error, please advise

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