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vSphere updates with Horizon


We are running Horizon version 2111  and are planning updating to version 2212.  Part if this planning is to also update the vSphere hosts and vCenter server from 7.0 Update 3C to 3J.  The horizon desktops are all non-persistent floating instant clones.  I understand the update process but I cant find much documentation when it comes to the impact of the Horizon environment when the vSphere hosts are updated.  Could someone please help me understand what the impact will be?  There are 6 vSphere hosts that need to be updated and I need to know if I can put the hosts in maintenance mode and install updates on them while the Horizon desktops continue to operate.  Since the desktop pool is non-persistent floating, desktops are constantly being created and deleted throughout the day.  

I had read somewhere that the pool has to be reprovisioned after the updates, but thinking back, I think that may have been referring to upgrading from vSphere 6.5 to 6.7.  Since this is just going to the latest patch release in the 7.0 line, I'm hoping that it will not be impactful.  

thank you and I greatly appreciate any insight you can offer. 

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When vcenter is updated, if your cert changes you will have to accept the new cert for each pod in the HZ console and appvol console.  A stale cert will prevent provisioning. Our hosts were upgraded one at a time with no impact to the live instant clones. As long as you have N+1 hosts in your cluster, you should be fine. 


Spin up a Dev rig representation on a decent laptop within Workstation Pro using a nested ESXi hosts and work through the update as something is bound to break....