unable to logon with CAC to horizon 7.2 instant clone

Good afternoon,

we are trying to get a windows 10 instant clone working on horizon 7.2. when the clone is created and we try to logon we get the following error:

"The attempted logon is invalid. This is due to a bad username or authentication information. An untrusted certificate authority was detected while processing the domain controller certificate used for authentication. There is additional information in the system event log. Please contact your system administrator."

we think it is a SSO issue and made a new keystore to insure all certs were present.  If the newly created clone is not logged on to for about an hour it will let you logon without error. 

If we click ok on the error screen we can select "other logon" and then logon with a domain admin account with no issues.

any suggestions?


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Is there anything further in the logs from this event that can help narrow this down?

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I was also seeing this issue.  Horizon 7.2 instant clones now supports the reuse of computer names.  Once I placed a check in the box, the same page you tell it what OU to go to, the issue with untrusted certificate authority went away. Hope this helps.