"Prepare for Upgrade or Reinstallation" greyed out

Hi Guys

So I've got this little problem over here;

I had the issue, that my View Security Server wasn't listening on port 443 and after searching the hole afternoon, I decided to reinstall this part. I did this, using the Add / Remove a Program function in Windows.

Now, I'd like to reinstall the View Security Server but i can't, because of a IPSec rule on the connection server (this is what the dialog sais). I should use the "prepare for upgrade or reinstallation" button in view administator under my (ex) security server. Now, this button is greyed out.

Anybody knows how i can activate this button?

Greetings & Thank you in advance


p.s.: I'll also be very happy about an advice vor my port-listening-problem. I can see i come through my back-end firewall and i can see the tcp-packages on the security server (wireshark) but there comes no answer from my server 😕

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my workaround, good for me: you have to manually remove "old" sec. gateway entry from connections server's settings; then re-install sec. gateway server on PSG server

on connection server-->cmd (high privil.)-->vdmadmin.exe -S -r -s serveryouwantdelete


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