"Local Drive Mapping" inside a Remote Desktop Connection initiated from Horizon Client

Dear VMware Community

My question: Is it possible to access to shared local folders while in a RDP session initiated on a virtual machine (connected with the Horizon client)?


I'll start the Vmware Horizon Client on my local device and connect to am VM. Local drives are shared and visible on the VM.

Afterwards I connect to a server using a remote desktop connection (mstsc.exe).

Now I'd like to directly access my local folders from the server.

We're using:

VMware Horizone Client: 4.1.0 as well as 3.5.2

VMware View Agent:

VMware View Admin 6.2.0

Remote Desktop Connection on VM: 6.3.9600, Protocal 8.1 supported.

Please ask if you'd like to have a more detailed list of the environment.

Best regards

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