local mode disappear when install on WiinXP

Hi All

   I am testing Local Mode function , and I had build XP image on transfer server for publish.

but  when I try install ViewClientWithLocalMode clent on XP Home/Professional SP3 workstation , I find I could not see "Local Mode" item in install component  I try to use 5.1  and 5.4.1 , get the same result.

   I use the same client source to Win7...it could show "Local Mode" item

I check Hardware requirement it indeed show "WinXP" OS

CPU speed

For a Windows XP local desktop, 1.3GHz or faster; 1.6 1GHz recommended

For a Windows 7 desktop, 1.3GHz or faster; for Aero effects, 2.0GHz or faster

VMware View 5.0 Documentation Center

But my testing result seem tell me WinXP does not supported....

Which software I forget or WInXP indeed end support ??



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