iOS - Horizon server connection failed http error 400

Hi all,

I am very new to this world and apologies for the maybe stupid question.

I have been running a ESXi server on a NUC that I have at home, on which I run a few VM's, mainly Win10.

I usually connect to my home VPN server, and connect to my VM's from Mac, PC, iPad or whatever I have handy, using the VMWare Remote Console (on Mac and Win clients), or the vSphere Mobile Client from the iPad.

Unfortunately the iOS vSphere app is very non-user-friendly, hence I thought I could "maybe" use the Horizon Client app.

When I tried to login to my server from my LAN, it gives me a certificate error, which I understood somewhere on this forum is a limitation imposed by iOS. I have then disabled the server certificate verification, but it fails with "Horizon server connection failed http error 400".

Is there a way I can connect to my server using the Horizon Client app or anything more user-friendly than the vSphere app?

Not even sure if the license I have supports these use cases, hence also happy to hear how to "upgrade" to allow a better home-lab experience (if at all possible).

Thanks to anyone willing to help

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Hi @alzn80126 

if you use VPN already then the shortest route to your Win10 VMs might be an RDP app.

If you want the best user experience 😉 you have to install a Horizon Connection Server first before you can use the Horizon Client app or HTML5 browser. Next, you must install the Horizon Agent on your Win10 VMs, and then the Horizon Connection Server brokers you to your Win10 VMs.

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