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how to understand view versions

hello I can not understand the logic about view licences

I am working in an infrastructure with

horizon view :   5.3.2 build-1887719

html access :

view agent :

view client :     1.0.0 / 1.2.0

The question is can we access view desktops throw Mac yosemite and maverick with the actual version of the product?

but I can not see version matrix between view components on vmware documentations

according to the documentations:  yosemite and maverick are not compliant with html access 2.2 so I need to upgrade view to version 6.0 minimum, is that true?

but what about the view client ?

why do I see view clients of version 1.0 and view clients of version 5.3 witch seems to be the same version

thanks to help me understand this versions confusions of VMWARE view (horizon)

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Licensing is based on the Horizon View server version.  The HTML access client and the other clients are unrelated and can be whatever version (as long as that specific client version supports the specified View Agent and View Connection Server).

That said, if you are running different versions of the View server and View Agent, you will want to ensure that it's supported.  Seems like your versions are pretty close, but when upgrading one component it's important to ensure that your upgrade path is supported.

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