for HID, USB VidDisable all USB re-direction except for HID, USB videocams, and Ironkey USB storage devices


We're currently running View 5, on Vsphere 5.  We upgraded from View 4.6 running on Vsphere 4.1.

I noticed that after the upgrade my PCOIP session variables that I set up to disable all USB memory sticks except for Ironkey devices and HID devices, no longer work.

I currently have a GPO set, using the pcoip.adm template, and have enabled the Configure PCOIP USB allowed and unallowed device rule.  My string is as follows:


I want to allow HID access (Mouse & Keyboard), usb videocam access, and the ironkey USB device access, and nothing else

The Ironkey vid/pid:



Ironkey vid/pid=7a1cb

So to allow the Iron key=17a1cb

I tested this and it was working before the upgrade to View 5.  Now, when someone sticks a normal USB memory stick (non Ironkey) into the host computer, it appears as a USB drive in the View desktop, which is not supposed to happen, and was not like this before the upgrade.  Nothing changed on the GPO side, so I don't understand why this is happening. A RSOP on the VDI desktop shows that the GPO is being enforced.  The registry of the VDI desktop also shows the session variable string.

Also, just to be sure the configuration in View Manager side is correct, under Global Policies, the USB Access global policy is set to Allow.  I'm pretty sure this was set this way before the upgrade  from 4.6 to 5.0.  But I just wanted to check with the experts to see if that should be set to Allow, given that I want to restrict all USB access, except HID, USB video cams, and the Ironkey USB memory sticks in Group Policy.



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