...another View (ThinPrint) printing problem...

Dear Community,

Maybe one of you has any idea/hint left?

In our view environment (by using DMZ/Security Server) we are able to access our terminal servers without any issues by using the View Client.

On the terminalservers itself (W2K8R2SP2 x64) we have installed things by taking care of the correct order... (1. VMware Tools including virtual printing, 2. View Agent, 3. .NET things)

On the terminalserver i am able to see the two services from ThinPrint "TPAutoConnSvc" and "TPVCGateway". But i was a bit surprised as their Startup Type was on "manual".

I've changed them to startup "Automatic".

Both services are running fine and when i check the Printers i am able to see my printer i normaly use localy.

It seem the printer has been mapped correctly as behind its name it has a "#5"

I am also able to setup the printers preferences.

But now there is a really strange behavior and at the end nothing is comming out of my printer.

If i try to print something from an application on the terminalserver (like notepad or word) i see and choose my mapped printer. If i parallel check the printer queue i am able to see the document getting into the queue, but very fast out of the queue again. There is no error, no message, just nothing...

And the printer on my local side is not doing anything.

Of course i am able to use the same printer localy on my client's device, just through the View Client (ThinPrint) nothings is happening.

The printer is a network printer and from my local client device i print through it's TCP/IP port.

So the first question is if the integrated ThinPrint solution in View does support network printers attached to the client device?

And the second question of course would be... where to look for the issue? What could be the problem? Everythings looks fine, i can see a mapped printer on the terminalserver, I even can adjust its preferences, the printer queue seeems to be working as the printed document is getting in (and very fast out again)...   just at the end on the clients network printer... nothing is comming out...

Thanks for any hints or ideas?


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The version of ThinPrint we bundle is not supported for terminal servers today, it is only licensed for VDI sessions. The View agent won't actually install the component, the services you're seeing are laid down by the VMware tools installer for accessing printers on the host when running inside workstation. As you've seen, while the printers are listed you cannot actually print. I'd recommend not installing the component as part of tools to avoid confusion.


Edit: clarified ThinPrint does work, but we don't license it.


Thank you Mike for answering.

Today i had an interesting phone-talk with one of the employee from Cortado (ThinPrint).

Regarding the use of terminalserver (pools) with View the conclusion was:

"ThinPrint Application Server Engine" has to be installed on every TS used and also a "named user" license has to be purchased.

After asking Cortado if on the client-side everything is ready with the View Client only it was not clear if the ThinPrint client also would be needed.

But Cortado recommended to use the ThinPrint client beside the View Client to have the best printing outcomes.

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