Zero Clients with Dictation Mic using MModal laggy

I am not sure if this should be directed to Teradici or VMWare, but since VMWare's user forum seems to have more activity I will ask here first.

We have been using zero clients for our physician to use their diction microphones in our VDI environment.  It is somewhat laggy.  The way we have it right now is that we use the GPO to pass through the VID/PID to the virtual desktop.


I thought of trying to use the Teradici's Virtual Audio drivers (1.1.0) a go in a test pool with our current images.  

loaded the drivers in the image and recompose the test pool (still has the drivers for the Olympus RM-4010P)

reconfigured the zero client's AWI to enable local USB Audio Driver

got into the test pool and tried out their software (MModal).  

but now none of the buttons of the diction mic works.  It's constantly on recording.  It seems a little bit faster though.


MY question is ... anyway to make this work?  I read in Teradici's website that if I use their Virtual Audio Driver the audio gets compressed and get send via the PCoIP Audio channel which is better, but if the buttons on the mic can't function it's a dead end.





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