Wmware Horizon update 7.2 to 7.10 (By-pass adobe flash issues)

hi to all .

One of our customer is having problem with Adobe Flash.We need to upgrade their environment to 7.10 in-order to bypass the Flash need and to be able to use HTML .


But we cannot login to the portal by https://x.x.x.x/admin. link.We found an old version of a Flash  portable , we can access to other flash based resources but we cannot login to the horizon portal.We have the following screen shot ,only date and time written on it.

How can i continue to do the update steps without logging into the system .Any ideas 

Note1:we first used to get the system date back to December 2020, it didnt worked

Note2: Tried some flash time bomb hacking stufff,but t didnt worked either





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