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Winlogon Process causing High CPU up to 100%.


I'm experiencing a rather weird problem in my environment. We're running Horizon View 6.2.1 and have multiple pools and gold images in place.

What happens is when the virtual machines are powered on but idle i.e. no user logged on, the cpu utilization sky rockets. Sometimes they calm down again, sometimes they don't.

I have checked the Windows event viewer, but nothing out of the ordinary compared to other images that do not have this problem.

I'm puzzled right now, provided I'm still researching this. But since I would rather not have this issue after the holidays when all users are logging in again, I'm hoping to find a solution as quick as possible.

I don't even know where to continue looking for the problem.

Any help appreciated. I know this is not much information, but as I said, I'm a bit puzzled why this is suddenly happening...


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