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Windows Password GroupPolicy with thinclients do not work


sthg special....

i have a vdi infrastructure with 90% thinclients (the vm is windows 32bit)

the users only disconnect their session during the week, on fridays the users do a shut down.

i have a password policy that the users have to change their password every 90 days.

when the time e.g. expires on a wednesday, the users can connect to their virtual machines with their thinclients, but...

when they want to open the internet browser or windows browser, they got a small window to enter their user and password.

then they change their passord (with ctrl+alt+del) open the IE again and it works.

when the password expires on a sunday, while the vm from the user is offline, it works. on monday morning when they want to connect to their vm via thinclient they get the info to change the password

so i've  activated a group policy: "Interactive logon: Prompt user to change password before expiration" 21 days

then the user should get the message to change the password at least 3 times.

but i think this doesn't work Smiley Sad

perhaps sb has an idea, how i can fix this problem.

thank you.

regards alex

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