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Hi all

Following situation:

We have 5 VMs and 5 domain users for one pool (automated desktop pool, automatic assignment)

The 5 user are generic ones, so each user in the company can log in with one of those 5 accounts into one of those 5 VMs.

Now, if for example Jon is logged in with User1 and 30 minutes later Peter is also taking User1 to log in, he will take over the session from Jon. I think this is by design from Microsoft in Windows 7. But is there a way to block this? So if User1 is logged in, no other person can log in with User1, until User1 does not have an active (RDP) session?

With RDS I think you can achieve this with the following policy:

Restrict Remote Desktop Services user to a single Remote Desktop Services session but it does not work for "only" Windows 7.

I don't know, maybe there is a way with some Horizon settings / RegKeys?

Thank you for your advice.



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Have you tried changing the setting for "Allow user to initiate separate sessions from different client devices".

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