Windows 10 Service disabled after compose

We have just created a new pool of linked clones. The master image is Windows 10 LTSB 2016 and we have a strange issue whereby the RemoteRegistry Service is disabled on the linked clones.

I have checked the Master image and the Remote Registry Service is set to Automatic (Triggered Start) so I shut it down, created a snapshot and recomposed the pool.

when I log into a virtual desktop and check the services the Remote Registry Service is Disabled.

I did find that people have discovered the remote registry service does stop after 10 min but have applied the following reg key to the master image to stop this.


name : DisableIdleStop

REG_DWORD, data : 1

From the following KB https://support.microsoft.com/ja-jp/kb/2921969

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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