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Windows 10 Edition what version is best for VMware Hozizon view linked clone pool and how do i stop new apps from being suggested?

I am looking for some advice on which edition of Windows 10 to use for our upgrade. I have a test pool up and running but I want to make sure I am on the right track.
We are using Horizon view linked clone pools that are persistent but will probably convert them over to floating pools in the future. We will update the image on a monthly basis ourselves.
And the VM’s refresh every 7 days.
Current test pool within a Horizon View 7.5 environment.

Using Windows 10 Pro 64
Version: 10.0.16299 Build 16299
4 Gig of Ram
40 Gig Hard drive
2 processor 2 core

I have run a power shell script that got rid of some of the Apps; it appears that I can’t get rid of the “Microsoft” apps, Microsoft News, Microsoft weather, whiteboard… (These are all new apps) that are not on the Golden image. How can I get rid of them and any new suggestions that pop up and confuse my end users?

I want to keep the vm as clean as possible, Log in / (Lock and unlock) time is critical for my end users since they work in a fast paced clinical environment.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

In all of the engagements that I've done recently Windows 10 build 1803 has been our go-to. There is currently still at least one outstanding issue with the newer 1809 build and VMFS6 datastores. You can read about that here if you like

windows 10 1809 slow

Have you looked at or used the VMware OS Optimization tool? This allows you to further customize and optimize your golden image for the linked clone pools as well as stop the Windows store from suggesting apps etc.

VMware OS Optimization Tool

In addition to that tool there is another that I've used successfully however it is not a VMware tool so read the release notes and keep good snapshots and test often

Win 10 Pro Decrapifier : sysadmin

I hope that helps.

Joe Graziano
Senior Solution Engineer - EUC Federal
vExpert, vExpertPro
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