Windows 10 1607 start menu issues.

Hi, I have an issue with Windows 10 1607 and a linked clone pool.

We do not have this issue with Windows 10 1511 linked clone pool.

Before we shutdown the VM, we uninstall several built-in apps logged on as the local administrator.

These create empty/dead tiles on the start menu.

I can delete these tiles from the start menu so it clean, nothing there.

When the pool provisions a new VM the start menu always looks like the original administrator with the empty/dead tiles, before I deleted them.

I do not have this problem with our Windows 10 1511, only 1607.

I have tried agents 6.1 and 6.2.

Any suggests on how to fix this?

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How are you removing these applications??

Are you removing them using the right click option or remove the provisioned package?

uninstall - How do you forcefully remove apps in Windows 10? - Super User

You could also try and build the first golden image in Audity Mode

Customize Windows in Audit Mode

We build our first golden image using audit mode. Changing the start menu after this seems to be near impossible.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

While logged in as the user with the clean start layout, open powershell and use the export-startlayout command. Copy the exported xml file to c:\users\default\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\shell\layoutmodification.xml. This will now be the new start layout for any new user profile.

For existing profiles, you can change their start layout by using GPO to specify the new exported layout xml.

And lots more you can do:

Start layout for Windows 10 desktop editions - Windows 10 hardware dev

Customize and export Start layout (Windows 10)

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