Win 10 Start Menu doesn't work (left click only)

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Have an issue with the start button not working at all after user logs back in.  Not exactly sure at what point it stops working but most users do not restart their computers so i doubt that is the reason.  I found that the fix for me is to remove the persistent disk and then have them re-login.  The start button doens't work but teh search (mignifying glass) does.  IT may last a user for a while but might eventually happen again.  I've read the other posts about the start menu issue but UEM was involved and i am not using UEM or APPVOL.  Any thoughts or comments are welcome.  thanks guys!

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Thank you, Perry
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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Did you use an older version of the OSOT to optimize your image? Prior versions last year and even some early this year were known to break the start menu I believe with either the some of the services that it disables or the way it tries to optimize/clear the default start menu.

I can't recall exactly what, but I will try to go through my notes to see what I unchecked to fix the issue

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Hi Perry,

what Windows 10 Version do you use? I had this odd issures a while back and it was because I was roaming the tile database folder. I've blogged about this issue a while ago ( ).

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