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Win 10 - LTSB 2016 - instant Clone - Major Issues.

I'm NOT the only one having incredibly major issues w/ Windows 10 and Instant Clones am i ?

Has anyone got working IC's with LTSB 2016 ?  ( i.e. Good Enough to push out to users )

Even before i lock down Anything - the IC's have a severe pause when clicking anything typing anything. Calc.exe takes 10 seconds to open.

i Tried the VMware optimization tool Many times.. My start Menu is always dorked after i do that. Cant figure out how to fix that. So i stopped using it.

Then i went to Microsofts 'Recommended Settings for VDI Desktops" and added all those local Group Policies.. and task scheduler disables.

Now.. i cant type anything in the Start menu.

also getting endless "Host Process for windows tasks has stopped working"

Faulting Application name - Taskhostw.exe

Not even sure where to start :smileysilly:

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I am running an all LTSB shop and we have Instant Clones (IC) and Full Clones (FC) running Win10 LTSB. When we were standing up our first pools, we learned that running the optimization tool actually breaks the LTSB image. Start with a fresh copy of LTSB.

You need to also disable Windows Search because it will try to index everything, especially your Outlook mailboxes. With the non-persistent nature of Instant Clones it will do this every time a user logs in. This drags you down to the swamps. You should also disable Windows Updates and manually update your IC Gold Image (we do this once a month) then schedule a re-provisioning in View Administrator.

If you use a graphics card for shared accelerated graphics or dedicated slices (think Grid card) you can leave Search on as that dramatically reduces the load on your CPU. It worked for us, anyway.

I'll follow this thread and when I find more of our tweaks I'll drop back by to share them.

Good Luck!


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