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Win 10 Desktop Black screen on login - blast error

Hello We are facing an issue when logging in to our W10 (20h2) based Horizon Instant Clones (v7.12)

3 out of 5 tries the Screen keeps black after Windows started. YOu can CTRL+ALT+DEL and run task manager and check eventviewer etc. 

I checked the Blast session logs under Programmdata and found an repeating error when the screen keeps black:

[WARN ] 0x2230 bora:⚠️ VNCSERVER-WIN32: Device access lost while acquiring the next frame, attempting to re-initialize...
[WARN ] 0x079c bora:⚠️ VNCSERVER-WIN32: SetThreadDesktop failed: Unknown error 6 (0x6) (0x6)
[WARN ] 0x2230 bora:⚠️ VNCSERVER-WIN32: Device access lost while getting frame rects, re-initializing and clearing the bitmask.


Does anyone know what to do?

I already tried to uninstall, View Agent, VmWare Tools and reinstall (First VmWare Tools, reboot, View Agent)

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View agent 7.12 is not compatible with Windows 10 20H2.

Please refer to https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2149393 for supported Windows 10 with View.

Recommend to uninstall 7.12 and install 7.13.1 agent and test.