Which "view agent" & "Direct -connection agent

I have a Dell Wyse PCoIP Thinclient which was directly connected to an ESXI 6.5 Windows 10 VM using
the "view agent" & "Direct -connection agent " in a home lab but after some hardware problems
I need to reinstall and am looking for the VMware "view agent" & "Direct -connection agent " again
but I can't seem to remember where I got these free software packages and am
confused as to identifying the compatible versions - could someone please give me a pointer ?
Dell Wyse P45 (also called 7020) - PCoIP Thinclient
Firmware FW020009 version 4.8.0 March 25, 2015
HW version: 6292E00F120-H
PCoIP processor Tera2 rev 1.0
Bootloader 1.9.0 build r4_7@16301 Jul 2 2014

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VMware Employee

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