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I am trying to build a thin client test environment using wyse terminals. This is what I have:

(1) windows 2003 server standard edition with sp2

Downloaded the following vmware-viewcomposer.exe, vmware-viewclient, vmware-viewagent, vmware viewclientwithoffline, vmware-viewcomposer,

vmware-viewconnectionserver, vmware-workstation, vmware-ace management-server, and vmware-vimsetup.

I already have the vmware console and 2 esx servers.

What documentation should I read first? What should be installed first, second, third...? Am I missing anything?

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You'll need the following in your test environment (in order):

1. Network: Separate VLAN or subnet with an address space big enough to support all of the servers (static IPs) and VMs (DHCP) in your test environment.

2. Network (optional): Open firewall ports (RDP, HTTP, HTTPS) between your test and production environments so that you can manage the test environment (unless you plan to sit in front of the console of your test environment the whole time)

3. Server (can be VM): Domain controller to run your test environment Active Directory domain, DNS, and DHCP. Create a Domain User service account (like "ViewAdmin") to be installed later in vCenter and View Administrator.

4. Server (can be VM): Virtual Center 2.5, update 3 or later; also runs View Composer. Create View Administrator role in vCenter, and then add your service account (example: "ViewAdmin) as a View Administrator in vCenter, and to the Administrators group on the local machine.

NOTE: The order of installation is wrong in the admin guide. After installing vCenter, create the View database and ODBC datasource first (pg 105) and then install View Composer (pg 103). You can use the same SQL Server instance that vCenter uses.

5. Server (can be VM): View Connection server

6. Parent VM: see admin guide for supported operating systems (pg 17). Decide if you're going to use full clones or linked clones. Full clones require you to create a template of your Parent VM, linked clones require you to take a snapshot of it. Linked clones take up less disk space, and supposedly perform better (according to our VMware engineer).

Oh yeah, the host OS (ESX or ESXi 3.5) also needs to be at least up to update 3.

That should keep you busy for a few days. . .

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