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Where do I find the documentation for the recently released 1.6 iOS client

The VMware View iOS client version 1.6 was released today. I've updated the app on my iPad and iPhone Smiley Happy

I went to the View client documentation page: http://www.vmware.com/support/viewclients/doc/viewclients_pubs.html and the documentation has not yet been added to the page.

I am keenly interested in undertanding the URI Schema (vmware-view://) syntax needed to auto launch the view client, pass the domain info, the user and password and the view server connection info.

Can anyone post that info here....


Paul D. Pindell VCAP-DCA4
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Syntax for Creating vmware-view URIs
Syntax includes the vmware-view URI scheme, a path part to specify the desktop, and, optionally, a query to specify desktop actions or configuration options.

VMware View URI Specification
Use the following syntax to create URIs for launching View Client:

The only required element is the URI scheme, vmware-view. For some versions of some client operating systems, the scheme name is case-sensitive. Therefore, use vmware-view.

Exmaple: vmware-view://view.mycompany.com/Primary%20Desktop?action=start-session

For more detail information, you can find it from below document.


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