What should be considered for linked clone deployment using quick prep

I am planning to deploy a Linked clone VM's from a parent VM. Please help me in understanding the steps required to be done on the parent VM in order to use QuickPrep tool.

I am using windows 7 Guest OS to deploy linked clone VM's.

Here are my queries:

-  Do I need to install QuickPrep in parent VM. From where do I need to download at.

-  Once QuickPrep is installed in my parent VM,what should be mentioned(commands) in the scripts so that view composer executed them. Also,having some scripts is manadatory.

-  If I dont have any scripts that view composer can use, what does the view composer do by default.

-  Is view agent mandatory to run the scripts via QuickPrep.

My requirement is to deploy linked clone VM's in the first place,add them to the domain where the parent VM is in,assign dhcp/static IP to the VM's. What should I do to my parent VM to achieve this.


Prasad S V

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Hi Prasadsv,

First things first.. here's a copy from the KB mention below that describe what is QuickPrep:

"QuickPrep is a VMware system tool executed by View Composer during a linked-clone desktop deployment. QuickPrep personalizes each desktop created from the Master Image. Microsoft Sysprep is a tool to deploy the configured operating system installation from a base image. The desktop can then be customized based on an answer script. Sysprep can modify a larger number of configurable parameters than QuickPrep.

You can read more from this KB: VMware KB: Differences between VMware QuickPrep and Microsoft Sysprep

Here's some answers for your questions:

1) first of all QuickPrep does NOT require to be installed. Quickprep replace the sysprep operation and supposed to be quicker than sysprep (1 boot less than sysprep). however you can still do linked clone pool with sysprep if you really need to.

2) QuickPrep commands issued by the composer through the VMware tools. therefore you dont need to install anything or customize things. if you have specific scripts than need to be run, you can add them as post script to composing or login operation, that can be done in the wizard of pool creation

3) as you probably saw in the KB, there is a table with all the tasks that the composer is doing:

"During the initial startup of each new desktop, QuickPrep:

  • Creates a new computer account in Active Directory for each desktop.
  • Gives the linked-clone desktop a new name.
  • Joins the desktop to the appropriate domain.
  • Optionally, mounts a new volume that contains the user profile information."

4) View agent is mandatory to any Horizon View implementation, with QuickPrep/sysprep/or even with no customization. It's mandatory to install it in order to make the pool available.

Good Luck Smiley Happy

Harel Shavit EMC
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