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Weird Connection Issues - How to approach

Twice in the last week, we've experienced issues logging in to our VDIs. Horizon 6.1. In both cases, rebooting the Connection and Security servers has fixed the problems.

Case 1:

I could log in via horizon client and blast 100% to a users' VDI, yet when the user did it on his zero client, it would log in, he got a blank screen and about 20 seconds later it jumped back out asking him for username and password again. I could log in fine to my own VDI on the zero client - it just didn't like his. I restarted the troublesome VDI from within view. Removed and re-added from inventory but nothing would make it work from the zero client. Horizon said the machine was available and agent reachable.

Events in monitoring log are pretty useless:

User xxx has logged in to a new session on machine xxxxx

30 secs later, User xxx has disconnected from machine xxxx

Yet I could still log in reliably 100% of the time from my computer.

Rebooting the servers and the user can now login in 100% reliably using the thin client.

Case 2:

Machine that horizon says is reachable, available, assigned to me, not flagged as a problem. Yet when I go to connect it said no desktop sources available. Restart connection/sec servers and it worked fine.

Case 3:

Could log into the machine from a browser internal, but not a browser outside the network. Restart servers and it works fine.

Event log files don't show much either. Replication is working fine between the two connection brokers. We're only running a pilot/evaluation at the moment, but in production with multiple connection servers how could you break it down to troubleshoot these sort of issues? Any ideas what caused these issues?


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