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Hello VMware Users.

We are currently using vmware horizon view 6.2.1.

The environment is using a mix of network printers and usb printers.

We are experiencing problems regarding those printers when USB redirection is used.

The problem with usb redirection is as follows that we have several versions of those printers with different drivers each type and to make it even more fun the printer need to keep the same name always in the desktop.

We need to use Thin-print internal to solve those issue’s.

But i have the following problem.

We allow Thin-print on site but when the user works at home or some other location we may not allow Thin-print because of security reasons.

Considering Thin-print is enabled/disabled in the master image and not some specific port we can only enable/disable it in the master image itself.

The only way I know to do this is to create a separate pool for when users log in from external location.

Is this correct ?

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