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Vmware Horizon on-premises access to Microsoft 365. Conditional access on client instances.



I'm fairly new at VMware Horizon on premises.

Looking for ways to secure access from Onprem VmWare clients to a Microsoft 365 tenant.

Is it possible to via Microsoft 365 conditional access to limit horizon clients to access Microsoft 365 data? I know that access can be secured via IP/Users++

There is a Ignite video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcBoWznY_CI that shows that you can add a Vmware Horizon cloud subscription on existing on-premises Vmware Horizon infrastructure and by doing so gain Horizon Control Plane which is managed by Wmware.





There is a learn page from microsoft https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-365/enterprise/set-up-vmware-horizon that points to accessing a Microsoft 365 Cloud pc which then can be secured via Conditional access. But it looks like this would only work on VmWare Horizon cloud..

"VMware Horizon is a cloud-based service that lets you deliver Windows 365 Enterprise desktops to your users from any device and location. With VMware Horizon, you can use the power and security of Windows 365 Enterprise, while simplifying the management and deployment of your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)."

Anyone have experience with this?


kinds regards


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Hot Shot

Hey mate,

Sorry, I don't think I fully understand the problem here. 

You have asked about Microsoft 365 which is a suite of applications from MS (e. g. Office 365, Defender etc.). If you mean Windows 365, its a cloud PC offering from MS, so I guess you meant the latter. 

If your requirement is to have a desktop running Windows client OS (Windows 10/11) and access it using VMware Horizon client, there are different ways to do that. The screenshot in your post shows two different ways, but there are more.

1. VMware Horizon On-premises - where you need to setup the entire datacenter including the physical hosts, storage and networking. Obviously the one with more CAPEX. You have to manage everything including the hosts.

2. VMware Horizon on Cloud - There are different options here. 

2a. Azure VMware Solution - where you will deploy VMware vSphere (hypervisor) on the physical hosts in the Azure datacenter and deploy VMware Horizon on top of that just like on-premises. You have to still manage the VMware Horizon, Windows images and the desktops, but not the physical hosts or vSphere.

2b. VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure - where Azure is used as a provider for hosting the cloud desktops. You just have to manage the Windows images and the desktops

2c. VMware Horizon Cloud on AWS - Similar to 2a, but the hosts are in AWS datacenter and you deploy Horizon on top of that.

2d. VMware Horizon on Amazon Workspaces - Similar to 2b, but hosted on AWS

Similarly VMware has agreements with Oracle and Google to host desktops on their datacenter as well.

You can choose between these options depending on which cloud platform you want to use to host your desktops. If you are planning to use Windows 365 cloud pc, the link you shared also mentions the requirements - https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-365/enterprise/requirements-vmware-horizon

Hope this helps.

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