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Vmware Horizon View 7.0.3 - Linked clone - Persistent mode - Persona management - Windows 10 (1607) - -> Windows 10 Start Menu doesn't work (not appears on click)


3 weeks ago i upraded my Horizon View infrastructure from 7.0.2 to 7.0.3

We have several desktop pool with Windows 7 and now an other one for testing Windows 10 (1607)

We have a problem with the Windows 10 Start menu (it doesn't appears when we click on it) not always but often.

This problem seems to be known with Windows 10 without considering virtualization

Our goldimage was optimized with VMware OSOT, and other standard recommandations like we made it with Windows 7.

We use linked clone in non-persistent mode with Vmware Persona. (share cifs on NAS,)
Since 2 years, everything works fine with Windows 7, all dedicated GPOs for Vmware View 7.0.3 are updated for the dedicated OU for W10 pool desktop.

In the last ticket (closed now), Support said us this problem will be fixed in the next release (7.0.3) but the problem is still there.

I just recreate a SR to VMware support,

Any idea ?

Your help, feedback or experience would be appreciated

Best regards



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Hi Arkadiusz

Yes, we have no problems with Windows10, Startmenu and Modern Apps with this Settings.

We can Pin Shortcuts to the Startmenu, Taskbar, rename Folders etc.

With Edge in Win10 Build 1607 you can not sync Bookmarks. With Win10 Build 1703 it's possible to Sync Bookmarks between IE and Edge.

We use Win10 Build 1607 and we do not roam the edge settings, this is not working.

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I spent months going back and forth with VMware Support on this.  In my experience, bottom line, Persona and Windows 10 1607 LTSB doesn't work.  In fact, if you read the release notes. It says this.  Says something about v6 profiles not be supported.  Or if you ever recompose it breaks, so on and so on.  Again, check the release notes under the Windows 10 and Persona sections.  They contradict each other as well.  It might appear to work, but after 5-20 logins it will stop, or when you first login the start menu works, but after 15 minutes it stops.  I tried everything, registry hacks, Persona GPO tweaks, nothing could consistently make it work.  Only thing that worked, UEM.  But, of course, that costs more money for those of us running Horizon View Standard.  Im hoping with the next version of Horizon View, they will throw UEM in, because Persona isn't an option anymore.  Notice the recently released Horizon View/NVidia demo site is running Windows 7 VM's?  Tells a lot in my opinion.


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Fully agree here with you as now for me also several weeks spent to find the Root cause here  also with VM Support!!!

It is a Trail and error and until now no full fix available, sometimes Built in apps are working the other day not it is  hard as we cannot go forward with rollout of WIN10 with VM Persona.

I also heard  that a lot of users moved to UEM, but as you mentioned it is a cost factor here when you are only have View Standard in place.

it will be very interesting if VMware will provide a fix here of if they want to push UEM in this case!!!!!!

Did you tried WIN10 1703 also???

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