Vmware Horizon 7 E3 Microsoft License

Hi Friends,


I will start with explaining the situation.


I have a Vmware horizon environment and it is working really nice, i use a windows server 2016 image (this was a cheaper license that is why windows server 2016), but I want to start Windows 10, because it is just more end user based. 

Now the question.

I want to go to office 365 I did some research and found out i could use an Microsoft E3 license for Office and Windows 10. 

Now I got it working  and activated, but when ever i logoff and log back in the virtual machine wont activate windows anymore. I think it is something to do with the mac adress of the computer chancing but I am just not sure. I can't seem to figure it out.

Does anyone has experience with this ? If so could u please help 🙂 I would appreciate it!


Thanks in advance!

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