View desktop has a status of "Provisioned (Missing)"

we just wanted to repair VM, and we tried command in postgresql as you can see in photo:


Also tried without <> and without '<>' but no luck. Where could be a problem?

We were following this guide In View Administrator a View desktop has a status of "Provisioned (Missing)" (2004269) | VMware KB
We are using View Horizon 7

Many thanks!

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

From the screenshot above, I'm assuming you are using VCSA with PostgreSQL DB and the command you are trying, is a SQL query command.

I think the document is misleading and they are showing how to find the MOID from a SQL server then from a PostgreSQL database. I'm not familiar with these commands, so you will have to do a little google search or call support.

Unless someone else on the community can respond with those commands.

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