View client conflicts with SSRPM

we are running SSRMP version 6.04.1039 (password recovery tool from www.tools4ever) and it seems to conflict with the SSO component of the View agent. when both are installed I get the following message on the RDP session (from a thin client to an XP SP 2 Linked Clone VM)

"you can not initiate a remote desktop connection because the windows logon software on the remote computer has been replaced by incompatible software ssrpmGINA.dll

To correct this problem, please have the administrator of the remote computer contact the program vendor for a version of the software that is compatible with Windows."

As soon as I remove the View agent, re-install it without SSO, snapshot and recompose, the error goes away (but now I need to logon twice)

Same behaviour with VDM 3 Beta, or with View 3 trial.

Any idea (I think this requires a bug fix)


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