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View client SYSTEMDISPOSABLEDISK becoming read-only after a clone VM reboot - preventing PCOIP logins

I have bumped into a really weird issue here, in so much as after I reboot my composer clone View machines, I can no longer login via PCOIP (I can by RDP).

When I reviewed the client VDM logs, I can see that the PCOIP Server cannot write the temporary SSL CA cert to the G:\TEMP folder (which is my SYSTEMDISPOSABLEDISK) and further investigation shows that the G: drive is write-protected.

The G: drive is fine whilst the machine is being setup and the first time it is used, but as soon as the VM is restarted then the drive becomes read-only (even for local admin).

I have checked diskpart and the read-only attribute does not seem to be set at either the disk/partition/volume level.

I have tried using PSEXEC -s to test if I can write to the G: drive as the SYSTEM user (as well as local admin) but still no joy:

mkdir : The media is write protected.

The G: drive seems to be a normal VMDK disk as you would expect - not USB (and hence possibly blocked by policies).

I don't think that it can be our Group Policy as if I move the freshly provisioned VM to the COMPUTERS OU (outside of our domain settings) and reboot it, the G: drive still becomes read-only.

I have checked the VDM debug logs but can see nothing other than the PCOIP Server CERT issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me here as to what could cause this or how I can debug it, cos I have spent 3 days mucking around with this now to no avail?



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Finally fixed it myself - it was a Bitlocker to Go Policy in our Group Policy that write protects any remove-able media that gets put into our systems.

My question is - why is the system disposable disk seen as remove-able media (USB disk?) - its a normal VMDK disk?