View VM naming pattern customization?

Does anyone know if it is possible to further customize the "VM naming pattern" when using an automated desktop pool in View Manager 4.0 beyond what is in the documentation? Due to an application licensing issue, I need to pull the last three digits from the computer name and place this in a license file. My problem is I would like to setup two or three seperate pools, but they all need to have the last three digits between 100 - 199 without duplicating these numbers. Below is how I would like to setup my three pools.

Pool 1 - VM90101 - VM90160

Pool 2 - VM90161 - VM90180

Pool 3 - VM90181 - VM90199

I am able to setup the first pool no problem using VM901. Does anyone have any ideas for setting up pools 2 & 3?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Not pretty but this would work I think. Would these computer names work?

Pool 1 : VM10101-VM10160

Pool 2 : VM20161-VM20180

Pool 3 : VM30181-VM30199

If so, you can try this out in a test environment. Create the 3 pools using the same naming you know already but changing the 3rd digit to like 1,2,3 respectively based on pool. Then set Pool 1 to do maxiumum of 60 desktops.

Pool 2 should be first be set to naming pattern VM2016 which should begin to generate the first VM named VM20161. Once it is created, edit the pool to do naming VM2016 and max of 20 desktops, which should have it put out from VM20161 up to VM20180, repeat for Pool 3 changing variables.

I believe reading other posts, View Manager will not go back to create the lower number desktop if a higher is created, and so if a VM20161 exists, and ALWAYS exists, it will never create a lower number in that pool, and your max is 20 so never go over VM20180.

Assuming this all works, it will nto be super clean, and you need to keep an eye on it, but there is no other way I can think of.

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