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View ThinApp Calculator - and streaming ThinApps in general

Dear Community,

We plan to use a View environment in the near future.

At this point there a few questions left for us where we could need some good advice.

- By using streaming ThinApps, is there a something like a matrix or calculator to see how the infrastructure has to be planned?

I mean it must be probably a big difference if using 5 or 100 streamed ThinApps (from small apps like firefox up to big apps like MS Office) and also if 10 or 500 users are using the ThinApps...

What is the best way to calculate the use of streamed ThinApps in order to have enough network capacity etc?

- Does it makes sense to have Microsoft Office 2013 including all apps like Word, Outlook, Excel, etc.) as a streaming ThinApp?

Or would it be better to have it installed on the "Gold-Image"...? As we would like to use our Virtual View Desktops in MUI (English, Germen and French) it works perfectly for the OS by having the appropriate image available, but would it also works fine with streaming ThinApps...

I just wonder how to capture Office 2013 MUI as a streaming ThinApp? (while capturing the app installing Office, the updates, the language packs all together?) will that be a stable streaming ThinApp then?

Many thanks for any hint or inputs...

Best regards,


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