View HTML Access to physical desktop

We would like to utilize View HTML Access to connect to physical machines, but it appears it is not supported.  We’re not ignoring the full View client using RDP, but HTML

Access would be more convenient in the use case we’re considering.

The VMware Horizon View 5.2 HTML Access FAQ and troubleshooting KB article states the following:

Q: Will the Blast Agent work on physical desktops as well as virtual machines?

A: The Blast Agent is only supported for virtual machines. There is nothing on the functionality that
requires the desktop to be a virtual machine.

The "System Requirements for HTML Access" section in the Using VMware Horizon View HTML Access document states "View desktop     The following software must be

installed in the virtual machine that the user will access:".

We've tested HTML Access to physical machines in a View 5.2 environment and have observed that it cannot adjust the resolution on the physical machine to match
the browser window.  Therefore, it just picks a lower resolution and then sets the physical machine to that, which results in black space around the desktop in the

browser window.  In a View 5.3 environment we’ve found you can’t connect to a physical desktop at all, unless the browser doesn’t support the new Toggle Full Screen

feature, which then results in the same look as View 5.2 with black space around the desktop.

Basically, I just want to confirm whether or not HTML Access to physical machine is officially supported.  If it's not, is there any speculation whether it will be supported in

future versions?


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

@jsyk, thanks for the message. No, we don't support it officially. This is a feature request and you might want to go through your VMW contact.

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