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View Desktop Pools - Multiple Network Labels - Pool enabled but new VMs not getting label

In View 5.2 and above we have the option to assign network labels to a Desktop Pool, allowing for a single parentvm that is then assigned to the correct vLan/s based on the pool it is provisioned under. I've followed all of the steps here (VMware View 5.2 Documentation Library) and my test pool shows the correct value for the 'NetworkLabelSpecs' property. However, when I provision a new VM in that pool, it is not being assigned to the correct network label and when I get properties of the new VM its 'NetLabelAutoAssigns' property is listed as 'disabled'.

Has anyone seen this? Do I need to make a change to the parent VM for the newly provisioned VMs to receive the correct assignments?

Any help would be great.

Properties of newly provisioned VM:

vm                  : 46

ps_object_type      : vc_vm

id                  : VirtualMachine-vm-498

vc_id               : 5cd4f3ba-17c3-......

Name                : XXXXX

UnescapedName       : XXXXXX

Path                : XXXXX

GuestFullName       : Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

GuestID             : windows7_64Guest

HostName            : XXXXXX

IPAddress           : 192.168.XXX.XXX

networkLabels       : {Network adapter 1=Test VM Pool}

machine_id          : fb85d838-c837-4a2d-a4ae-ad1bf8d027a4

user_sid            :

user_displayname    :

isInPool            : true

pool_id             : TestPool1

isLinkedClone       : false

composerTask        :

localState          :

netLabelAutoAssigns : disabled

Properties of NetworkLabelSpec enabled Pool:

pool                    : 14

pool_id                 : TestPool1

description             :

displayName             : Test

enabled                 : true

folderId                : /

deliveryModel           : Provisioned

multiSessionAllowed     : false

userResetAllowed        : true

assignOnFirstLogon      : true

desktopSource           : VC

powerPolicy             : RemainOn

vc_id                   : 5cd4f3ba-17c3-........

vcServerName            : xxxxxxx

networkLabelSpecs       : [nl=NewTest VM Pool;nic=Network adapter 1;enabled=1;m


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Were these desktops in the pool provisioned new or were they refreshed?     Just wondering if a brand new machine would have the enabled flag. 

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They are newly provisioned systems. I've also removed the template I was using and re-added it. These are full clones.

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