View Connection Server 7.2 with HP Thin pro view-client version 5.0, SSL error

We Have implement new farm server for POC for Horizon View 7.2 Connection Server with client HP Thin pro t5745, OS Build T6x43202, vmware-view-client 5.0-1.7 .0-941674 when we started connection The error show "An SSL error occurred"

log in /tmp/vmware-user/vmware-view-xxxx.log, shown as below:

Sep 26 11:48:45.522: vmware-view 4134| Set certificate: x509=(nil) pkey=(nil) chain=(nil) state=0->2

Sep 26 11:48:45.522: vmware-view 4134| DEAD 0x92d1e18 CdkPromptBrokerTask (2)

Sep 26 11:48:45.522: vmware-view 4134| DEAD 0x92511d0 CdkDoLogoutTask (2): An SSL error occurred

Sep 26 11:48:45.522: vmware-view 4134|          brokerTaskListener.requestId = 2

Please help us to find the problem!


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Do you have a proper certificate in use for the Horizon environment? Also the t5745 isn't on the VMware HCL for any recent Horizon View versions (6 and 7 are not supported)

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You can't use horizon client 5.0 with Horizon 7.2.  There is no unsupported method of getting it working either, even if you re-enable TLS 1.0 on the connection server, etc.

You need at least client version 3.2 (yes, 3.2 is newer than 5.  keep in mind they rolled the numbering over for some reason back in 2012/13?)  If HP doesn't have a later firmware version, and it's not running say Windows embedded where you can update the client on your own, then you need to purchase new clients.