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View Agent Upgrade Failure

I am in the process of trying to upgrade a few of my VDI VMs View Agent from 4.6 to 5.0.0. I appears I have to unistalled teh 4.6 Agent first. Then perform a fresh View Agent Install. However, just prior to the View Agent 5.0.0 install completing, I receieve a show stopping error message: "Setup cannot continue. The Microsoft Runtime DLL installer failed to complete installation."

After several reboots from other internet solutions I found, this does not resolve the issue. However, I did find a hit that referenced Starting the "DCOM Server Process Launcher" service. This service on this VM, is already showing as Started. However, the Stop option is not greyed out, nor can I restart it. So I think this service may have something to do with it. In either case, I can not install teh View Agent 5.0.0 driver.

Should I attempt to install the View Agent 5.0.1 driver even though my View Manager Connection & Security servers are at version 5.0.0???

Ultimately, I am trying to determine if the newer Agent will provide some stability for my remote EVDO(aircard) remote VDI users. I would love any feedback on any View EVDO(Aircard) users in a VDI environment... I have some VDI printing issues only seen wth my VDI EVDO users.

Thanks in advance...


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