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View API's - polling vcenter, connserver, etc health status

I've just started looking through the View API's and seeing what's in there. So far i haven't found what i was really hoping to do as a first task to leverage the API's. Specifically, i'm wanting to find the status of each vCenter, connection, and security server in relation to what the View Admin page shows so that i can write something to tell me when/if they change status from healthy to anything else and then send an alert when that happens. Right now we manually check view admin periodically to see if there are any issues as View doesn't have any alerting and it also doesn't appear that status changes of a server is logged into a log anywhere so we cant dump into Splunk or something and parse from there.

I have found the .extensiondata.ConnectionServerHealth.ConnectionServerHealth_List() methods but those don't appear to have a "Healthy: Yes" value or anything related to the actual status shown in View Admin.

Is anyone aware of anything in the API's that would be able to help me accomplish this?

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