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View 7.8 - Full Clone Linux CentOS - Sharing and USB redirect problem

Hello Everyone,

I'm asking to the community because I'm out of any idea to move forward with my issue.

I use View to provide Full Clone linux Centos to our dev, and I'm really happy of the result.

But I'm not able to solve my issue of USB and Folder redirection.

2019-08-09 11_36_39-.png

2019-08-09 11_36_56-Window.png


My communication properties to connect to VDI is set to USE Blast Secure Gateway, I have check three times with my network team the dedicated port are open.

I also try by disabling all the secure gateway (HTTPS, PCoIP and Blast) to connect directly on the VDI, I have checked with wireshark to be sure I attacked directly my VDI.

It was good but the USB and Sharing not worked, I also test with my laptop in the same VLAN as my VDI and same issue.

I saw multiple post on forum to remove the certificate on the VDI, but always on Windows VDI and never on Linux.

I have searched on my VDI about the vmware certificate but without any success.

When I'm looking to the log on my laptop I can find some strange message but don't really know how to deal with them.


If someone have any idea, you'r welcome.


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