View 6.0 'Please Wait' During Logon

Hit upon a problem which appears to be with the View 6.0 (6.0.1 and 6.0.2 as well) agent. When we install the agent into an image and deploy it when a user logs in policy processing occurs followed by preparing desktop. After this we get the 'Please Wait' dialog as if Themes are being set running for 30 seconds. This is on a full clone, linked clone and the master image. If we remove the agent and install the View 5.2 or the 5.3 agent then this does not occur.

Have run through Process Monitor at logon and can see svchost is calling netsvcs (svchost.exe -k netsvcs) at around the time the dialog is displayed. This is the Themes service and we notice the theme changes just before the desktop is displayed.

Support have pointed us at VMware KB: Legacy applications fail to start with the VMware View 6.0 or 6.0.1 agent installed and we've removed the regkeys detailed. This resulted in the 'Please Wait' disappearing for a while and then returning with the same delay.

There are no GPO's, Persona Management or scripts that are configuring Themes. We're keeping to Windows Aero with BgInfo setting the desktop background.

Does anyone know what might be causing the Themes to be reverted to then set by the View Agent (because this is what appears to be happening) or how to remove this fault and keep it removed? Or is anyone aware of the View Agent setting Themes?

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