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View 5 across a WAN

hello all!

I'm attempting to come up with a good plan for using View across our WAN and would like some input from other folks who've used View this way.  Currently we are running View 5.0 from our main office in somewhat of a POC with only a handful of Wyse P20 Zero clients.  We do have several Mac folks connection externally through the Secure Gateway.  All in all probably about 20ish folks at any given time using View locally and remotely. 

We're running View 5.0 (no update 1) on a Cisco UCS B200 M2 blade and a Cisco UCS C200 M2 server, the lun provisioned for View is on a VNX 5300 (iSCSI) with FAST Cache enabled.  The connectivity between servers, network and SAN is 10GB (Nexus 5548 and FEX 6120's).  The WAN connectivity is a "Metro-E" (layer 2 Ethernet fiber) ranging from 100Mb's to 3Mb's depending on the office size.  Primarily I'm concerned about 1 large office that has a 100Mb link.  Other services (VOIP, PC's, Wireless, etc) are on our WAN links along with PCoIP. 

Our typical desktop image is based on Windows 7 (32bit right now but moving and testing with 64bit), I used the VMware best practices guide to build it and for the most part I followed it.  I'm also using the View PCoIP and Client ADM with group policy to tweak a few things like:

PCoIP Max session bandwidth set to 50000

PCoIP Audio bandwidth limit set to 128

PCoIP Session floor set to 5000

View Client set to connect all USB devices at launch

We're a health care organization and most of what we do is look at radiology images so image quality is high on our requirements, along with that some of those images exist on CD's (from outside organizations) that we either just view or import into our system.  We also do a lot of document scanning into an application that resides at our corporate office.  Our remote office's will also have a mix of View, PC, and Laptop clients each accessing resources across the WAN at our corporate office.  So, with that in mind what should i expect to see as far as how many clients I can run at a give time across our WAN?  Should I look at distributing View resources to the larger offices (Server and SAN for example) or can I keep it all in one location?  I appreciate your thoughts.

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I am also running a whole office on View 5.1 accross the WAN inside our MPLS.

As far as what you can expect to see in terms of bandwith usage this will be in your hands. Keep the follwing in mind as the PCoIP protocol is improvinf daily and it will start out as default using the least amount of Bandwith and then will improve the "User Experience" if it sences that there is more capacity.

  • What type of users? "Knowledge Workers" "Task Workers"
  • What other data you have flowwing accros the WAN that is not View traffic? SMTP,HTTP,SMB
  • How is your WAN setup using MPLS or IPSec Tunnels?

Now you can also look at this product that works extremely well if you have many users running accros your WAN. I highly reccomend this!


There are a lot of tweaks that you can use with PCoIP and there is a setting that you can untick and you have to Accept this because what this will do is change the PCoIP to use MAX bandwith available straight away. When you enable this you have to also tick an "I Accept" tickbox which is the first time I have ever seen this.

You can play with that but be warned that you need to test this first.

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