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View 5.1.1 with ESXi 5.1.0a upgrade path

Now that VMware vSphere 5.1 supports VMware View 5.1.x I am planning my upgrade path, but was hoping to perform this upgrade in sections.

Current Setup:
ESXi 4.0 Build 260247
vCenter Server 4.1 Update 1 Build 345043
View 5.0
View Composer 2.7.0 Build 481620
View Connection Server 5.0 Build 481677

Upgrading to:
ESXi 5.1.0a Build 838463

vCenter Server 5.1.0a Build 880471

View 5.1.1
View Composer 3.0 Build 691993
View Connection Server 5.1.1 Build 799444

Recommended Upgrade Path:
View Connection Servers
View Composer

So is it possible to perform this upgrade in sections, or is it an all or none upgrade?  From my understanding I will have to upgrade View, vCenter, and ESXi all during the same maintenance window.


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From a supportability standpoint if you upgrade to vCenter/vSphere 5.1 then you have to go to View 5.1.  If you want to break it up a little bit you could follow the steps below.

Upgrade to vSphere 5.0 which is compatible with your current version of View 5.

Later upgrade to View 5.1.1 which is compatible with vSphere 5.0

Finally upgrade to vSphere 5.1 which is compatible with View 5.1.1. 


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