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View 5.0 and Windows Live Movie Maker 2011

I am trying to optimize a view 5 desktop pool for use with Windows Live Movie Maker 2011, but after all the things I have done, it still runs the movie at a very disappointing 1-2 frames/sec in the preview window.

The specs of the VM:

VM version 8

2 vCPU

2048 MB RAM

3D support enabled

128 MB Video RAM assigned

The OS is windows 7, 32 bit with this graphics driver: VMWare SVGA 3D (29/7/2011)

I have attached a PCoIP log file, but I do not think that there are indications of a bandwidth/packet loss problem. CPU usage on VM and server is low, there is memory to spare.

I have tested both on a view softclient and a zero client, but there are no differences.

We really need this to work, changing to other movie editing software is no option.

Has anyone got this working? Can anyone suggest something I can test/change, or maybe add to our servers to get this working properly.

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