View 4.5 - remote session still active, yet won't accept input from keyboard/mouse

I'm experiencing a weird situation that I hope someone else has experienced and may, therefore, have some ideas as to how to solve this.

Users connect to a pool of 25 non-persistent windows 7 VMs via Wyse X90L thin clients (client OS is Xpe).  Thin clients are connected to a wireless network.  Protocol is PCoIP.

Occassionaly, users sessions will "freeze" and stop accepting input from keyboard/mouse.  However, the session still appears to be active in some sense, as the VM is still visible and the system clock continues to move.  Yet, no matter what we do, the VM will not accept input from keyboard/mouse.

We have three APs in place in the room where the thin clients are used and we believe the problem may be related to the thin clients "roaming" from one AP to another.  This momentary "blip" does not sever the connection to the wireless network, but it does appear to disrupt the View session rendering it unusable.

This situation is compounded by the fact that users are connecting to View with a shared user account, meaning that it is impossible to simply log the user off and log back in without losing their work.

We have thought about moving away from the shared user account towards a persistent pool setup, but this presents a whole new set of challenges in our environment.  At this point in time, finding a way to regain access to a session that is clearly still active in some sense is the prefered course.  We've also thought about switching to RDP to see if the phenomenon persists, but this will create issues with end user's multimedia needs.

Again, I'm hoping someone has experienced something similar to this and may have suggestions, short of telling me to plug the thin clients into wired connections (which would be desirable but not possible).

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I know you are going to hate this reply, but I honestly think this is an issue with the keep alive and I think View 5 could really help here.  If you can, take one VM and just install the View 5 agent on it.  YOu don't have to upgrade the rest of your environment, just this VM.  Just see if that helps.  I know the keep alives had some major changes between 4.5, 4.6 and 5.0 so I'm wondering if you are fighting an issue that has been resolved.


Gunnar Berger
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