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View 4.5 and Office Communicator Webcams

Hi Folks,

I am currently researching options for a View 4.5 customer who has a requirement to use MS Office Communicator on Virtual Windows 7 desktops with USB webcams. Some of these users will be at Head Office on the LAN, but others will be at remote sites or be connected via a Security Server (or even a VPN). The webcams are likely to be Logitech model-of-the-moment. Thin client devices are the preference at the client end.

My understanding is that hardware PCoIP would be required to support this; the software PCoIP may not handle this particular setup at this point in time. I imagine that RDP 7 users (e.g. through the Security Server or at low-bandwidth remote sites) will not be able to use webcams with OCS.

Is my understanding correct? Does anyone have any stories from the field regarding OCS, Webcams and View?



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As far as I know webcams aren't supported for any type of USB redirection. With that being said I have played around with it a bit and at one point was able to get the embedded webcam on my laptop to work though it didn't have great performance (non PCOIP). Just recently I played around with a Wyse R90Le running XPe and a logitech USB webcam. Every time I tried to use it after redirecting the thin client would blue screen. I didn't spend much time for it because of other commitments.

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