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Hi to all ;

Currently trying to set up a automated pool composed from Windows 7 template (not joined to domain) and without composer ; but could not figure out how to customize the temp machine to Join to domain and run a sysprep for not having duplicate sid in the production domain.

I have done that with xp machines with the help of the customization setting in Virtual center before ;but now i can not do the same for windows 7 .

Anybody has tried that before ...

Thanks a lot...

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Customizing Windows 7 with Sysprep in View is the same as Windows XP with the exception of having to put the Sysprep files on the VC server.

Simply create a customization specification in VC and then select that when creating the pool. This will call Sysprep when a desktop is deployed and the SID will change. If you fill in the domain join settings it will also join the domain.

If this isn't working I would suggest filing an SR to have it looked at. You can also try this through VC first without View (using the deploy from template option) to see if it will work there.

If you have more questions let me know!


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